Update from the Officers of the Club:

From the further lockdown announcement by the Prime Minister on Sunday 10 May 2020 some restrictions have been lifted for certain outdoor activities in public spaces (click on the specific URL below). After reviewing the latest information the Officers of the Club will adhere to the Government instructions for Leisure Centres and the Hospitality industry to remain in lockdown until further notice as we do not provide a public open space service.

The Officers of the Club will continue to monitor all Government releases up to 29 June 2020. By this time there could be two hypothetical scenarios;

1. There is a further outbreak of the virus that doesn’t follow the science and therefore changes the dynamics;

2. The Leisure Centre and Hospitality industry can allow restricted gatherings of up to 30 people at any one time

Questions have been asked if the Site can be opened for certain outdoor activities. The risk assessment recently carried out with our Insurer, Club Insure, only covers off the fabric of the building and therefore to allow Sections to use their outdoor facilities will negate our insurance relating to the security of not only the buildings, but the whole site (e.g. boundary fences, car parking area etc.). This is because there will be no employees onsite to monitor the use of the facilities and police the Government policy thus taking into account the Government guidelines relating to the number of people who can use the facilities at any one time (again follow the URL link below). Other considerations include Section insurance for those people using their facilities as the Club do not insure individual sports activities as this is a matter for Section Committees, an update from Section insurers will be required to satisfy and mitigate any risk assessment against the Site Club Insurance.

Taking all this into consideration the Officers of the Club will only open any facilities once Government social distancing guidelines are relaxed further. This will be at a point in time when employees can safely be called back to work to reverse the lockdown procedures that have been put in place for their safety as well as all Members.     

This means the Officers of the Club will only act on the interest of all its Members to ensure that the Centre is reopened in a Government instructed predefined way. The Chancellor has extended the furlough scheme until September so it seems the Government are looking at the current situation as long term, by then a vaccine maybe available?

Please continue to monitor the website as we will not be responding directly to questions, but instead updating FAQs where necessary. Please use the ‘Contacts’ facility to make contact with the Officers of the Club.

Thank you and Keep Safe!





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